Talk to ChatGPT Using Your Voice

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Talk to ChatGPT Using Your Voice

The TalkBerry Extension enables you to control ChatGPT with voice commands, making it effortless to get help with writing projects, practice your conversational skills, or simply chat with a friendly AI language model.

Great Tool for Language Learners

TalkBerry Extension is a great tool for language learners, as it can help you immerse yourself in the language you're trying to learn.

With the ability to chat with ChatGPT in a variety of languages, you can practice your listening and speaking skills with a “native speaker” without leaving the comfort of your own home. (13+ language options, 29 voices, and  multiple playback speeds)

Create an authentic language-speaking experience.

Whether you're looking to improve your language skills or simply want to become a more confident speaker, TalkBerry extension is the perfect tool for you. Start learning now!

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What do people say about TalkBerry Chrome Extension?

Now You Can Talk to ChatGPT With Your Voice

It's now possible to have a proper conversation with ChatGPT.

We’re all used to the ChatGPT protocol by now. You boot it up, write your query, and the AI reacts accordingly—accuracy not guaranteed. While chatting with ChatGPT is surprisingly human-like, you’re really just texting at the end of the day. The chatbot isn’t at the point where you can have a spoken-word conversation like you would in-person or on the phone. At least, not without a little outside help.

Jake Peterson

Posted on "Lifehacker"

April 11, 2023

Suzanne Reeves

@unicornfuel · March 31

I had a back and forth voice conversation with Chat GPT today. Pretty sweet.

Now my dad—who is blind—can join the AI fun too!

Add the TalkBerry Chrome Extension to start chatting.

Thanks @bentossell for sharing the link on  @bensbitesdaily!

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